Gabby Tutak
Artworks in oil, acrylic and mixed media

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Dear Gabby: MY Mentor and Teacher! You are an inspiration as always! Beautiful work. Exemplary website.
Terry Tedesco - 21 May 2022
Saw your work recently in an outdoor setting Beautiful colours caught my eye, and drew me into your paintings. I especially love your street scenes.
Liliana - 2 Oct 2021
Hi Ms. Tutak! ;) We bumped into each other today at Home Depot in the paint section. My goodness, your paintings are simply AMAZING! I never realized back then in grade 8 that one of my teachers was such a talented artist! I would love to see your paintings at an art show! Congratulations! :)
Marta Michna - 5 May 2014
Gabby! God knows where we will cue up next time...may be in picturesque Treviso...I love your art .Sotto ponte and the interior paintings especially. Stame ben,salutis,BEN.
ben mattiuzzo - 12 Jan 2014
the paintings are great need to get you a spot on St. Marks square so \I can shoo away the pigeons for you.Sounds like calling for me.
torrianne - 15 Nov 2013 the website. I must get a real job so I can buy some of your paintings!
Doreen Taylor - 4 Jun 2012
I want the Peggy's Cove painting....just a minute...I am adding an addition to my house for wall space!!!
MaryAnne Whaley - 4 Jun 2012
Whow!! Great look. Congratulations. Nice Works!!!
Eileen Oswald - 28 May 2012
Love the website Gabby, not to mention your artwork. Cheers
Ann Sapingas - 28 May 2012
Fabulous artwork and a great looking website, Looking forward to seeing your newest artwork on the site! Congratulations.
Adriana Rinaldi - 14 May 2012
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